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Color Sorter Machine Features
Color High-resolution CCD image Acquisition System
Use the color CCD image acquisition system to acquire the comprehensive information of red, green, and blue color. The color sorter has the sensory ability of human eye, making better selection of materials, and better satisfying human requirements.
The maximum resolution is up to 0.15mm, can accurately identify small defects and spots on peanut and the high precision special lens ensures clear images.
LED light source configuration
For the special peanut verity, it can configure the special light source optimize lighting of the materials, improve the contrast of the main characteristic and ensure acquisition of more accurate material information.
Led lighting system with radiator, long service life, low energy consumption, good performance.
Dedicated image processing algorithm
For the characteristic of peanut mildew, budding, we specially design the contour and color algorithm which identifies the defects in materials.
Unique feeding system
The adjustable special component design is compatible with the feeding of different sizes, and improves the applicability of the machine.
The special trough design ensures even material flow, achieves the best image acquisition and sorting result to eliminate defective materials.
High-quality solenoid valve
Use high quality, high frequency, long service life ejector, super low air consumption guaranteed the biggest capacity, excellent rejection output.
For the different sizes and characteristics of material practice, use the solenoid valve of different sizes.
Excellent Rejection Rate
Advanced image acquisition system + intelligent image processing algorithms + high – quality nozzle system = Excellent elimination rate.
Simple operation, easy to learn and use
Simple optical system design, precise automatic system, combined with the well- designed human – machine interface to simplify the complexity of machine commissioning and use, ensuring the simple operation and the machine is easy to learn and use.
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