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Color Sorter Machine
1 High-resolution CCD image sensor :
  Adopting world-class optical lens, within the definition of up to 0.08 mm2, be able to identify a subtle color and a very small flaws.
2 High-speed data processing :
  Introduction of High-speed parallel data processing chip, with efficient real-time image acquisition and processing system, greatly increase the efficiency of color sorters.
3 High-quality image processing algorithms :
  Adopting the international advanced image processing technology, can effectively identify slight impurities as small as 0.1mm, as well as make color selection more precise and optimized carryover lower.
4 Operating platform :
  Providing a user-friendly interface, let you meet production targets in a relaxed and pleasant environment.
5 Unique lighting system :
  Configuring the special light source, ensure high-definition image quality, to meet the thousands of color separation and identification of subtle changes in color.
6 Adaptive temperature control system :
  Adaptive adjustment of operating temperature by fan, ensure that color sorters can also work well in high temperature environments.
7 Advanced high-valve nozzle :
  With incomparable accuracy of elimination, separate defective from finished products more perfectly. Besides have high resolution, great material nozzle, high frequency and long work life.
8 Well-designed transport system :
  Adopting material of superior quality to set up transport system, specially designed for conveying soft and crispy food materials, greatly improve sorting accuracy with low damage ratio.
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